Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Back Story

I'm back..

Now, here is something different, something personal (out of the profound stuff):

New Year

It's nice to be back in the front side of the new year. With the rain hitting the airwaves of supposedly sent text messages, no wonder people get less new year messages this time including my black as emo phone. Instead of watching Picasso-painted fireworks, I had already found contentment in watching TV specials with the digital countdown running onscreen and famous people do their fabulous vaudeville acts onstage. In addition to that, while looking at the occasional news breaks, I saw a lot of national structures being covered with smoke and a palette of colors because they are subjected to excessive usage in fireworks display (for global publicity perhaps).

Kid 1: Weee, the London Eye is exploding with stars.

Kid 2: Yes, the Taipei 101 too, with other buildings.

Kid 3: Wait, until you see, the Taj, it's really burning.

Truly, it has been an explosive, water-drenched new year.

First Weeks

It has been a blazing three weeks of January. Here are the reasons:

- my uncle's untimely death due to a liver disease (+ RIP +)
- the recently concluded UP CAPES Job Fair
- the research work for a competition (management study/scientific research)
- the upcoming SCI-PHI convention
- IE 22 project
- Obama's inauguration
- spell R-E-C-E-S-S-I-O-N
- mediocre American Idol auditionees (oh, man!)
- etcetera

So, buckle up for the future, my friend, because 2009 will be a year to be cherished yet again.

God bless :)

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