Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chorros de la poesia (spurts of poetry)


When I went to my former alma mater's (high school) annual fair, some inescapable force compelled me to come in terms with my former organization by attending its acoustic, open mic poetry event. To my surprise, the current members are still actively participating in the arts scene within the campus. One even had produced an album now circulating in the local music market.

Then, as far as their brand of poetry is concerned, they still ROCK (whatever that means...).

Anyway, as an alumni, I was also compelled to read some poemas. Since I wasn't prepared, I had to make two poem-lings for 15 minutes before the presentation. Below are the said poem-lings:

The Reunion

I've longed to stare at the long
terrace of thoughts,
of memories, of illusions,

I've sought to tread the transparent path,
full of reversed hopes.

Only it will rest,
in the source of my rays,
from the beacon of combined matches,
held by the ironies of days.


I want to dispose of millions,
and millions of eyes,

not parallel with their visions,

just looking at directions,

only will they come back
to my afflictions,

my desperation.

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