Sunday, December 7, 2008

DVD: Divisoria Daydream

Walking across endless seas with people as ripples, the sight finds shores of stores as an isolated solitude with a perception impulse. T-shirts dangling colored from green to blue to red, lands a feast in a spectators kaleidoscope vision. Bargains that continue to melt in a singular denomination that either deprive or survive the holocaust of lending and spending. Human puppetry is at its peak whenever merchants of different forms, seen or unseen, careen the internal longing to the product catalyst burning under the sweltering heat of the noon sun. Catalyst, for every stall facade starts the epidemic of deep hunger, of consummation and sheer material thought.

When one leaves, one escapes the ruin of self.

The war's sunset appears. Peace now sets in.

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sonus said...

Hey hey Kevin! Sue here.
I'll be reading you. Write on!