Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Seriously Kidding

Are jokes half-meant?

As many people would say, jokes are still statements made by one to address a trait or a circumstance passed to another. Statements, per se, requires thought value in the part of the speaker before being uttered. As a matter of fact, thinking is synonymous to relating one thought pattern to another using the means of connotation or denotation when another person is seen in the release of statements. You might say that such statements can be impulsive, yet, as rational beings, we can think in a matter of millions every single second. So, there is no such thing as a joke not well thought of.

The fact that a statement has undergone a rigorous filtering in the part of the person before being finally said means, in a way, that person meant to say the “joke” thought to another.

Why would one relate that “fact” in the “joke” if one does not actually “mean” it?

In conclusion, the joke has a degree of truth value with the intentions being expressed through a statement to another person.

A joke is not entirely a joke.


...just kidding

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