Sunday, August 5, 2007

Tutor's Nightmare

Exasperation (with a capital E). This is what I feel whenever I enter the house of the most maniacal tutee a man will ever encounter. Admittedly, this is my only opinion since I am the only one involved with this guy (yes, a guy) as of the moment (save for his past tutors, adios). So, here's the story, I was assigned to tutor a grade 5 kid from Ateneo who I assumed was really intelligent (which, he is, thank God!!) and cooperative. Unfortunately, even though the world will be spinned 360 degrees in 160 miles per second, the latter expectation can't just be attributed to the kid no matter what I do. His face full of salivated cookies and over-diluted orange juice would be deliberately smacked in my face while speaking word punches like what most of the kardknock rappers do. In addition to that, he would do anything to divert my topic of discourse to a mis-topic (in short, TRASH). I really hate this guy. I feel that he just needs an outlet of all the negative feelings that he has for his unaffectionate classmates (twins) or a brother figure because his brother is studying in the States. Might as well endure this guy after his exams...or forever...nightmare
(Sorry for the language. Man, I hate this guy!!)