Sunday, January 3, 2010

Para sa Kaligtasan ng mga Sipat

Natagpuan ko itong mga ito sa Sent items sa aking Yahoo Mail. Bago pa maapektuhan ng sangkatutak na bugs, kailangan ko lang silang ipaskil dito.

Para sa isang matilamsik at masipat na 2010.

Kaning Baboy

si Boy Bato,
kumain ng pagkain,
Soup Number 5

walang kamuwang-muwang
sa sakit na mararamdaman
sa hating-gabing yaon.

hindi alam ni Boy Bato
siyasatin ang nilalaman,
Soup Number 5

walang kalusug-lusog
sa laman na masasaktan
sa hating-gabing yaon.

uod na gagapang
ang nasa lamang-tiyan
sanhi ng matinding dumi,
Soup Number 5

palabas mula sa katawan
sa gitna ng inuman
sa hating-gabing yaon.

mula sa laway at pawis,
si Boy Bato, maglalabas,
pabalik lang sa pinaggalingan,

dumi sa dumi,

putik sa putik,

Soup Number 5.

ang karanasan, kinahinatnan,
siya ring naging katapusan.


Sa dulo ng malupit na talim,
Nag-aasam ng malalim na taimtim
Pagharap ng aninong kulimlim,
Sa buhay na desperadong inaatim.

Friday, January 1, 2010

iRewind 2009

Let the world change you, and you can change the world.
-Che Guevara

In various terminals of entertainment, our digital psyche has been enabling us to encounter countless list of trends, be it a top 20 of the worst-dressed individuals in the red carpet or the top 10 scariest places in New Zealand (etcetera, etcetera). After browsing through millions of such adrenaline-pumping lists, I felt that I should try to make a little noise in the cyber world by making one of my own.

Since nostalgia had set in during my siomai-eating escapade during December 31, I might as well try to conceive a list of my own version of the "Top 15 Events in 2009 that had Made a Mark in my Life". Without much further ado, here is the list (in no particular order):

1. Diliman Classics 2009 (a concert with the Velvet Orchestra)
Singing with a band makes one feel a great emotional high in the end, but singing with an
orchestra makes one soar, falling in love with music more. This has been one of the
greatest concert experiences that I ever participated on. I would like to thank UP Broad
Ass for giving me this golden chance.

2. Academic Gateway UPCAT Review
In the past 3 years, I have been tutoring both grade school and high school students in an
individual basis in all subjects. But, I never thought of ever handling 70 students in an
intense classroom setting for 4 straight hours. During this time, I had realized how difficult it
has been for a reviewer of whatever sort of form, be it for nurses or for engineers, to make
your students digest this mountain of information in a very limited amount of time. Also,
commuting to different teaching venues from Taft to Katipunan made the job more
exhausting. Fortunately, the cheerful staff and the hyperactive students of the center
welcomed me all the time with maximum enthusiasm making every visit worth it. I truly
am showering my thanks to my friend, Russ and Mr. Iman Gavino, for trusting me to teach
NCR Seniors some lessons in life that they, hopefully, haven't forgotten during UPCAT

3. Philippine Youth for IT Congress 2009
For a second straight year, this has been one my wildest experiences to date. With 3,500
students, teachers and IT professionals from all over the Philippines at your disposal for 6
straight hours, I have to temporarily become a jester in the court onstage to keep the
populace awake for the next speaker. Also, this was my first UP Theatre hosting
experience with all the debates, politicking and all that's meant to kept for a while (secret!).
This baptism of fire literally burned my throat after the shifts. Thank you, UP ITTC, for
trusting my limited arsenal of jokes and cheesy lines.

4. Freshmen Orientation Program 2009
During the time when the freshmen of UP Diliman had first arrived in the steps of the
Economics Auditorium, I truly knew dearly from my experience that everyone felt a little
tension and anticipation given the first immersion of such students in the university. To
paint an image of what I'm trying to say, the freshmen were like cosmonauts landing in the
surface of Planet X. So, as one of the hosts, this has been pretty much my consideration
as to how should I treat or blend in with the students. Thank you, UP OCG and OSA for
this amazing encounter.

<to be continued>

5. iSing University-Wide Videoke Contest 2009
6. UP CAPES Job Fair 2009
7. AIM Leadership Camp
8. Visit of Relatives from the Land of the Big Ben
9. UP CIEM Anniversary Month
10. Ryan Cayabyab Singers Auditions
11. SCI-FI Convention 2009
12. Ondoy's Wrath and Volunteer Acts
13. UP Engineering Choir Recognition Rites Performance
14. Engineering Week 2009
15. Medical-Dental Mission in Area 17