Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Frame of Thought: Fast Food Fiction

As the clock hits the gears to the transition of another minute, the boy in blue draws his dreams in a yellow pad canvass. In the middle of a heated discussion, absolute zero in reverse, the pen wanders around the tainted green shrubs and escapes through the sea of clouds making unmarked footprints along the way. Despite the reverberating sound of the mentor's plead, the boy in blue continues to paint the image corners as stepped on by the darkness of ink. His eyes absorbing the memories for which the mind bleeds synonymous to waterfalls. Streams of improvised creations decisively immerses each entity to an alternate reality. Every emotion, as depicted in the canvass, has its own world.

Joy. The mirror sheds light to the face of the darling boy enabling the stretching of his face muscles, forcing him to smile. As one enters the reverse image, grass teemed with all sorts of green splashed in human bathing glory can be visualized upon realization. Hills are streaming, flowing like rhymes in poems, lines in sonnets. Winds ever abundant, regulated, in as much dense as the sleeping brown soil in multiple worldly terrains. Animals planted as families feeding with self -appearing food in the mouth of the mother. Men and women in white clothes suddenly appear in the distance walking slowly towards him. Smiling. 

Upon being circled, smiles are showered upon him vertically with all the granted appreciations perforated in the mind. A thorn in the heart is disattached for the brightness of the sepia-toned (depicting the past) faces melted the bone-chilling, motion-stopping predicaments. They took his hands one-by-one shaking with much gusto as though your appearance is the light. 

Multiple languages of "hello" speak in melodic, chanting voices blending in perfect pitch and harmony. The music reached the peak of the excitement mountain massaging your currenltly being churned mind. Everyone invites you home. It is as though there is no time, so you went to their homes, their minds every filled 5 minutes of visitation. It looks as though there is no end yet it seems to tickle the boy's taste for knowing, longingness. 


The boy suddenly wakes up with soring eyes finding himself wetting his sun-painted canvass with his tongue water. Everyone deserted the area of academic battle, the classroom. He wonders if someone else made attempts to awaken his senses (other than his dreams) before they leave the vicinity. Covered by liquid human mouth waste, the canvass materializes in full picture. He now sees the greatest masterpiece that he has ever created. 

His own smiling portrait. 

As though for longing, yet never coming back, to the world made by his own. 


The surprise comes next...


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Self Speak: A Blog about a Blog

Has anyone thought of making a blog about a blog? 

Of course, there have been reviews about movies, fantasies, novels, novelties, music, musicals, CDs, commentaries, etc. But, in the sheer criticizing nature of our humanity, be it disagreeable (see i'm doing it), fallacious, malicious, extravagant, horrifying, experiential, uneducated or simply thoughless, we spatter, spill, eject or release words agreeing or refuting another's thoughts within the highly congested social network. 

It might suggest that we are always in an argumentative mood whenever we see a message in print shooting bulleted tomatoes at our favorite films tortured by his words of dissatisfaction. 

Or, his thoughts about Neverland is indeed a non-existence since he believes wholeheartedly that fantasy is never a reality. 

Or, he tries (at least) to make you believe that Santa Claus will indeed come to town this Christmas even though his fake beard (very obvious) has never been washed in twenty years in his profile photo. 

Some even wage fights in an online game somewhere (over the rainbow) in this internet universe. They haven't even thought publicizing their match-ups through different social network site advertisements (with all the interactive mouse click glory). I'm sure if they did on YouTube, they would rouse even the sleepy of its subscribers to witness the brutal exchange of home videos, white-wall-backgrounded self video speeches, and copy-and-paste video creations with the topic revolving around the "Best Kids Show in the World: Sesame Street vs. Batibot vs. The Ellen DeGeneres Show".

Good thing, the most structured of it all, which had started from a blog, was the one made by the always dancing John Chu (director of Step UP series) to actually make a dance-off between the Obamanators and the McCainiacs. The winner would place "The White House" name at stake changing it to "The Hood". You guess what happened...

The Internet made it even more convenient for the keyboard tapping, "what does this button do" mentality obsessed society to paste instant replies to go on further with the highly "symbolic" conversations. They would make something like this :)...a dancing banana... :(..., etcetera. Better try doing the Morse Code to elevate the rungs of your social network commenting career ladder. If you could do that, you are a rocket scientist.
Some even claim blogs as their own. It's like being a Grade 6 child with this little Gundam toy made painstakingly in a week by his Grade 2 brother. Grade 6 claimed he made it. Won the school championship. End of story. Respect the "copy"right, or the "being copied" rights.           
Some people might say that we have been given this degree of freedom to express ourselves to the point of snatching photos here and there like picking apples from Egypt (if there indeed are apples there). Cutting pictures to the max and pasting them in animation websites, photo simulation programs and the most dreaded (lightning) Photoshop (erasing large zits, loading 12%, 3 hours left). Many place stencilled messages right on the face signifying supreme hate and fascination. 

Internet = large spray paint arena = canvass = scrapbook = peeping toms = catwalk = the Fibonacci number

Seriously speaking , blogs are portals for everyone to enter. Be careful of what you place inside (especially your not-so-good-moment pictures and NBI records) in every social networking site. It is through every account that people believe you sputter your identity. It is who you are in the different places in the world. Believe me. You have a virtual person inside this digital, articificial universe. Converse properly. 

Don't speak when your mouth is full. 

-a public service message from the best social networking site in the history, click here to find out- 


On Leadership: A Discussion using the Mother Tongue

Ang pinuno ay pinuno upang pumuno.

Ang katagang ito ay sumasalamin sa samu’t saring diskurso na napaiiral tuwing binibigyan ng kahulugan ang mga alituntunin at tungkulin ng pagiging isang lider (sa diretsahang salin). Kung bubusisiin ang padron na sinusundan ng mga namumuno sa lipunan, ito ay maoobserbahang napakalaki nang iniaaambag ng lipunan, o sa madaling salita, ng mga pinamumunuan sa pagsalin ng sipat at sulat sa makabuluhang gawain. Nagsisilbing langis lamang na nagpapagalaw sa barko ng pamumuno ang mga makabagbag-damdaming kataga at nakapupukaw na mga parirala. ‘Ika nga sa isang pamosong awitin, ang pamumuno ay “more than words” o higit pa sa salita. Kailangan ng aksyon sa pagpupuno ng kawalan, hindi lang sa ekonomikal na paraan (na puwedeng matugunan sa tamang polisiya), kung hindi sa paraang espiritwal na ang paghatid ay mula sa puso (para sa namumuno) na tiyak na sasagad sa buto (para sa mga pinaglilingkuran).


Ngunit, upang tuluyang maging instrumento ng pagbabago ang isa sa kanyang lipunan, kailangan din ng sapat na kaalaman, dahil ang pamumuno ay hindi lamang nagiging obligasyon sa sarili, isa rin itong sining na dapat ipinayayabong at ipinalalawig sa kapwa mamamayan. Mahirap humati, humimay ng teorya, sitwasyon o prinsipyo kung ang isipang patalim ay purol sa bulag na katotohanan. Ang hindi pagsasatama ng nakagisnang mga pagsasaakala o nosyon ay kakalawangin na tulad ng isang poste ng gusali na makadudulot nang pagkabagsak ng ipinundar na tiwala’t karanasan. Ang pagpuno sa isip ang siyang kapangyarihan at susi sa pagpupuno sa lipunan sa pamumuno.


Marahil, kung pagninilayan ang pinakaunang kataga ukol sa pagpupuno, mapaiisip ang ilan sa mala-Atlas na pagdala ng kamunduang problema sa proseso ng pagpupuno. May anggulo ng katotohanan ang pagdala kung ika’y magpadadala sa agos ng panahon na walang pinatutunguhang pagbabago batid ng kawalan ng pag-asa o pagtiwala sa lipunan. Ngunit, kung titignan ng pinuno ang maiaambag sa mamamayan, nariyan nga talaga siya upang pumuno ng pagsasaalang-alang sa kalagayan sa pagtungo sa kagustuhang pagbabago. Ang kagustuhan na manggagaling sa mismong sambayanan batid ng hikayat ng indibidwal na kaalaman at pagpapapuno sa isa’t isang nagpapapuno.      


Sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas, ang kaalaman ay ang nagiging sandata ng bawat isa sa pagpupuno ng paninindigang ipinanganak ng inihandog na kalayaan sa napakaraming aspeto mula sa kauna-unahang hakbang sa naturang intitusyon. Hindi maiiwasang sumapi rito, sumali roon  sa paghahanap ng sarili. Lider ang bawat isa sa tao na kaharap niya sa salamin. Sa lakas ng kasalukuyang ipinaiiral na tradisyunal na pananaw na batid ng mga nakagawiang diskurso sa Unibersidad, hindi mapipigilang bato-balaning dumikit ang paninindigan sa teorya, o kung minsan, “crash culture” na inihahatid ng mga nasabing maitutukoy na liderato. Sa halip na tumingin sa sarili at pansinin ang mga pagkakapare-parehong pananaw, sa kaibahan pa rin nakakahon ang karamihan. Kaya puwede ring sabihin na ang kalayaan pala mismo ang naglagay ng rehas sa braso. Kung ibabalik sa pamumuno, kailangang malaman ang paktor ng pagsasabuklod ng bawat isang sekta o organisasyon, opisina o kolehiyo. Magiging posible ito sa pagsasapuno sa pag-unlad ng kaalaman ng bawat isa sa isa’t isa. Himayin ang mga pagkakaiba. Gumawa ng paraan sa pagpuno sa mga alinlangan. Tiyak na ang unibersidad ay isang nagkakaisa.

Kaya, kung titignan ang sarili, lahat tayo ay namumuno kahit hindi lingid sa karamihan. May sining din ang pamumuno sa taong kaharap mo sa salamin. Sa dinami-dami ng mga babasahin ukol sa pagiging isang “life leader”, hindi agarang magaganap ang metamorphosis sa lahat ng aspeto (marahil, sa espritwal may pokus). Kailangan ng mataas na antas ng pagmamahal sa pamumuno’t paglilingkod upang ang basong puno ay umapaw, sa oras ng mismong pamumuno.