Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Typing Maniac

With much fascination, I have always wanted to type without even looking at the keyboard. For ten long years, I have been waiting for some generous souls to teach me how to touch type. Even though I finished the Typing Apocalypse Flash game in just one attempt, the factor for success was how I memorized the phrases to be typed knowing that I would be setting my visions again to the QWERTY letters.

Every now and then, in finishing reports and projects in front of the computer boob tube, my neck would always be in constant, throbbing pain. Like a day dream, I know that this will disappear in the middle of my slumber (after the dreary, painstaking computer session). But, since it has been a regular occurrence, I want this chain to be broken once and for all.

Hopefully, by playing more of such typing games, I would now learn how to touch type.

Not mistaking my cellphone keys for the keyboard buttons.

The mania commences...

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