Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Paper Bundles and Eaten Toblerone Bars

Research shows that chocolate (or any other food in that makes a significant tickle of sweetness in your taste buds) stimulate brain activity. Indeed, this might sound true as proven in the middle of a Know-It-All Facebook session. For the past few days, after all the paper load that I have to do for the next day (of a specific day), I would usually sneak out a small tempting bar of Snickers and Toblerone out of the ice box and at the same time, answer several trivia quizzes in the said Facebook application. By the way, the gratuitous amount of chocolate was given to us, the chocolate fiends, by our equally chocolate-loving, guilty pleasure-inducing balikbayans from the London Bridge. If not for them, I would have not earned my Junior Brainiac status.

From American Idol to Jacky Chan movies, from Asian Food to a decade's worth of children follies, I've keyboard-mashingly (from numbers 1 to 5) tried my best to beat the competition especially with the people I know who are highly knowledgeable and ultra addicted to a specific category (like Pixar movies and Star Wars) making one chamba answer after another. I despair every moment I receive a SORRY! note, and jubilantly jump out of the computer chair (and sometimes, shout on the top of my voice disturbing my Indian neighbors) whenever I make a correct reply.

Like Archimedes in his discovery of the water displacement theory, I finally found the Facebook application that will be worth eating chocolate for and will be relaxing from making the paper bundles organized for.

At least, I've been incredibly lubricating my neurotic senses despite all the disturbances and inconveniences that I've been causing my dozing off (and sometimes, feces-reducing neighborhood cats).

But, speaking of electricity...

...ah, there's the rub.

Now, back to the boxed social reality.

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