Monday, August 3, 2009

A Word on the Limping, Handicapped Ones

One friend of mine from another territory asked me to write some lines of poetry for her relative who is in 4th grade. Without any scratches (in the context of paper), here are my musings for the incapacitated:

Standing with a Foot on the Ground

As the morning sun blinks,
my slumber eyes wink,
as I stare at the canvass ceiling,
painting a new beginning.

Getting my wooden cane,
facing seemingly endless lanes,
still ever blazing my story,
in my one limb glory.

Words, dreams, thoughts, agitations,
Written and inscribed in battalions,
As I make every indelible mark,
the siren of impression speaks in a hark.

As the evening moon winks,
my awake eyes blink,
as I gaze at the charcoal ceiling,
creating a perfect ending.

(end of poem)

Now, everyone shall see the light.

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