Monday, December 1, 2008


As we had gazed heavenward seeing the coincidental alignment of planets and stars to form a man-resembling figure, the sky was looking at us intently taking responsibility to what pessimists might call a hoax or to the optimists, a miracle. In our nearing pursuit of deep slumber and of meaning to cap a long day, the smiling offering had provided us with an outlet to hope and to dream for such positive occurences to come across our agitated and metropolitan-drowned minds every once in a while. Indeed, this signifies that nature is constantly trying to awaken our rock-solid sensibilities due to the loves and pains inflicted by the rush of the world, so to speak. We are being made aware of the presence of a larger life around us by which the entity called Nature exists.

So, as we open our eyes, we will be made aware of the multiplicity of the presence of life and of its many forms. We are part of the sphere.

We are now awake.

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