Friday, June 6, 2008

Wavelength: Radio Guesting in NU 107.5

June 2, 2008, Monday - Going to Ortigas riding an open bus alone was such a big hassle. Thinking that I was really late for my appointment with the producer of NU 107.5, I literally felt sick to my stomach in emotional agitation. It was 7:15 PM. One of the officers texted that my appointment would be at exactly 7 PM, and I'll be having a radio guesting for a new university segment at 9-11PM. Though I wasn't that prepared to say the categorically right words. I just said to myself, "Let's get it over with! Not everyone has this opportunity". So, facing the clean transparent glass door of the station office, I entered the threshhold and went inside absolute sound resonating paradise.

Upon entering, I saw a radio component barking on empty blue chairs. Oops, I didn't see Mr. Security Guard on the right side staring at me in suspicion (looking as though I'm there for self-destruction with all the sweat of stress and exhaustion pouring all over my body). Then, I heard someone murmuring the exact words heard on the radio.

Presence of ghost whisperers...

Certainly not. Right behind the glass pane, I saw the radio desk with the lady disc jockey playing all the hyperventilated, high octaned, almost no holds barred rock music. With a crystal clear voice, she seduced her listeners to rock-and-roll high and foot stomping mayhem.

Very contrasting to her operator-worthy manner of speaking.

I thought the producer was already in the vicinity. But, unfortunately, I have to wait for an additional hour. So, speaking about my conversation with Mico Halili, the producer of the station, he made me feel very assured and comfortable in dealing with some of our sponsorship demands. It went to show that he knew how to treat and converse with people well especially when there is a serious matter to be discussed. He was willing to give all out for station promotion.

How generous!

Anyway, at exactly 9 AM, the show had started. The title is U-ROCK, a show catered to university concerns and events, hosted by George Rocha and another female DJ. Luckily, I wasn' t the first one to be interviewed.

In the show, the first one was Ms. Tolentino from the UP Centennial Organizing Committee advertising the first-ever Oblation tableau-like formation. She said that 100 male models from different countries preferably UP alumni would pose like the Oblation (yes, I know what you are thinking...get the idea) in front of local and international media such as CNN and Reuters. It will happen in June 16. The DJs had so much fun looking at Ms.Tolentino's presentation in her laptop.

The second one was a female, Atenean Junior who has an onling fashion business. I forgot the exact name. All I knew was she was forging her way to the top.


The third one was a lady from a laser game store wherein painless team games synonymous to paintball can be played.


The fourth one was a Bedan cheerdancer who had invited people to come to their performances in their school and had told about their group's rigorous practices.


Now, as I waited after a certain college rock song for my turn, I was holding tightly to my so-called script so that I would know whatever it was I would be saying. Upon stepping in front of the microphone, I knew it was my time.

10:30 PM. I glanced at my watch hoping that people would still be listening to me at this time.
Like in initial committee meetings and family reunions, I had unhesistatingly introduced myself. Then, thinking that I've had enough of introducing myself since the time of my conception, I thought of going directly to the discussion of the FOPC Freshmen Week activities. My mind was wandering aimlessly as I had long moments of explanation (and national airtime) of what specifically these activities were. I was just daydreaming of this in the past but, now, I was right there feeling right at home while being asked by random questions.

Not the forbidden ones, so to speak.

The DJs were surprised that our activities had been scattered within a four-month duration culminated by the Freshmen Week. From Capoeira to UP bands, descriptions and advertisements were made here and there. Also, I was given the chance to plug the FOPC party (PUMP UP @ 100) happenning in an immediate date. In the end, I had the opportunity to greet some of my folks (FOPC members, friends and DAD).

After me, the floor was given to a couple of Ateneans who were also promoting their incoming Orientation activities (ORSEM). By the way, I had talked with them before my time and they knew some of my batchmates there.

11:15 PM. Leaving the radio-soaked den, I eagerly went back home still hearing the resonance of my semi-stuttering voice in the radio.

Cellphone blinking (due to the silent mode option), people said it was all fine and good.

Well, after all, it was indeed good...

...night for me.

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