Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Speaking about Time: IE Department Seminar

June 16, 2008, Tuesday, 4PM -As the chosen speaker to represent my organization, I was tasked to speak about time management using whatever devices in whatever means necessary. I thought maybe this wasn't the right topic for me since I have been somewhat tardy in some of my classes (no but's and if's). But, in my stash, so to speak, I have some accumulated insights to share with the rather confused freshmen. So, I said 'yes' and went for it even though there was prick of hesitation in my conscience.

The title of my presentation was "Beyond Chronos", referring to time management as something beyond the solid concept of time. When it was my turn to speak in the stage of the Engineering Theatre, I instantly felt comfortable since everyone seemed to look so interested to listen (or so i thought...kidding).

Well, to jumpstart my speech, I asked everyone first to do a breathing exercise (like what chorales do in their practices). When everyone's settled down, I started my 20-minute lecture aided by my Powerpoint Presentation.

"C.E.N.T.S...balance...timeless tips...multitasking...picture of tigers"

After it was done, I congratulated the freshmen for a job well done.

Hopefully, they have enjoyed as much as I've delivered it.

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