Monday, March 10, 2008

Transport Strike


Supposedly, I have a 7am class in the outskirts of my university (as if I own it). I already went out of the house to wait for the next machinery of soot and smoke to take to that place. I thought I was really, really late because I practically crammed my accounting homework.

It stinks to know that upon arrivng there a cute girl which was my classmate (yes!!) told me that there are no classes. So, staring at her smile, I replied in a very formal fashion that I was grateful for her to tell me that.
I can still remember her face. Hopefully, next time, her name. (Get out of whimsyland buster!!)

So, here I am right now, reading all the best, so to speak, articles this piece of technology has to provide while burning time and waiting for the jeepneys bark at me like hell. Thank God for Mercatornet!!

Bye. bye.

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