Monday, March 31, 2008

Kundirana 2008 Pre-Departure Concert

Last March 29, 2009, my brother Aaron's singing group, the Kundirana Music Ministry, had performed their last performance in Bro. Rafe Donato Theatre before they leave for their 1-month US tour staritn April 3. It's actually his second, at the same time, his last year performing for the group since he had already graduated from high school (La Salle Greenhills). As always, they were magnificent in almost all their song and dance numbers. So, allow me to describe what for me were the best highlights of the concert.

First, the Josh Groban medley was utterly amazing. The voice of the tenor named Vince was well-defined and so expressive to the point that he can fill a concert of his own in the near future and continue to bedazzle the audience, both the young and the old.

Second, with all the choreography that they had during the first parts of the concert, I thought they would not pull off the last encore numbers. But, guess what, I was impressed that they all made it. (Dance Numbers: Boogie Wonderland (70's), Disco Inferno (70's), Dance Medley (60's and 70's), Footloose (80's, I think), Ai No Corrida (70's), Let the Joy Rise (2000's), Electric Dreams (80's) and Sayaw Darling (Willie Revillame fame)).

Third, these guys have a loads of talent, not just in singing and dancing, but also in EMOTING. They can cover up each other mistakes even in the missed voicings. Well, the veterans of Kundirana (my brother included) did a good job on complementing what others had lacked on practicing, so to speak.

I'm sure that when they would be setting their feet in one of the stages there in the US. Spotlights wouldn't be needed any longer, because the stars have already shone beside them.

Bon voyage, Kundirana 2008.

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