Monday, November 30, 2009

How Hi-Ro Saved my Life?

It has been almost every single day that I sleep ultra late. Without any puns whatsoever, I really got into the habit by simply being so eager to write about anything in this exact blog. As of the moment, the exact time is 2:17 AM. I'm not joking, and I have a class the next day that would begin at 7:30 AM. So, I pretty much have 4 hours to sleep with all the personal hygiene adjustments foreshadowed.

Yes, I have always considered myself as a busy person. But, the thought of being busy in itself late at night makes me want to always do something else (not sleeping, of course). In effect, I would resort to brainstorm anything under the sun to be featured in my blog. I would actually be a little restless if I haven't produced a blog entry almost every internet session. I would always marvel and stare at the blank blog canvass. Full expression in words, indeed, takes some degree of time due to the probable readers that might invest some precious minutes reading my article, reading me.

Luckily, with all these cerebral agitations, I always make sure during my rest times to grab a pack of Hi-Ro cookies from Fibisco (free publicity!). Though it might look and taste as a direct rip-off of Oreo (take note of the rhyme!), I certainly recommend it to those who are searching for something non-caffeine containing to keep them awake at night. Hi-Ro would certainly fill your stomachs out with a certain quantity of sugar that makes the bodily hormones excited to a certain degree enabling your eyes to open up in the middle of painstaking encoding. Hi-Ro will give you a much needed push to make you feel more self-assured or confident in whatever it is that you are doing with the PC. Hi-Ro fills your stomach with sweetness that would certainly embrace satisfaction.

Okay, enough advertising. All i wanted to say here is that chocolates (or impressions of them) can stimulate brain activity even in the day's ultraelectromagnetic wee hours. This tip can save your life especially if you are procrastinating for a paper that will make you say "it's now or never".

There will be no choice. The time will be now.

Besides, if you have nothing to do, just please sleep.

P.S. Okay, don't you dare click on that white F logo with a blue background!

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